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Reactions and Comments to Speaking Engagements

Fredric Arnold is a most extraordinary human being. Truly a renaissance man: P-38 WW II Fighter Pilot, inventor, actor, sculptor, artist, author, businessman, and an interesting, engaging and fascinating guest speaker.

Los Angeles Breakfast Club
Fredric Arnold is a multi-talented man whose ability to win and hold an audience is near the top of the list of his talents. It was men of such self-confidence as he has who won the war for the rest of us. We are forever indebted to him. We should grant him any forum anytime he wishes. May he live a long time so that thousands more can profit by listening to him.

The Icarians
Fredric Arnold is one of the best speakers we have ever had. He held the attention of every person in the auditorium from beginning to end. His interesting stories and sense of humor kept all out members in smiles and laughter and touched us deeply.

Optimists Mar Vista
Fredric Arnold gave us an exciting, articulate talk with a number of important messages. War is not glamorous! War is not heroic! Courage is the devotion and dedication to doing your job when it has to be done! Stupidity is bolstering your own ego by putting someone else down because of race, color, religion, or any other reason. These are some of the message we came away with. Fredric Arnold, please accept our thanks for saying a lot of things that needed to be said. Come back again sometime ... we can use a reminder every so often.

Orange California Rotary
Fredric Arnold's zesty, rye, informative talk added punch to our awards luncheon. He delivers his message through word pictures, anecdotes, yarns, and humor for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Skylarks Association
We gauge the quality of our program by the length of time members remain after the program. After Arnold's program, no one wanted to leave. We had to shove them out the door.

Quiet Birdman Association
Fredric Arnold was one of the most outstanding speakers we've ever had. We are an extremely hard audience to please. He mesmerized us with a superb program - eloquent, humorous, and more than brilliantly interesting. Over 105% - a 10 plus on the Franklin scale.

B-17 Combat Crewmen and Wingmen Association
An evening with Fredric Arnold is truly a memorable event. His talk and slides provided one of the finest programs we've ever had.

Masonry Dealers Association
By far the best program we've had!

Culver City Lions
Arnold's presentation was excellent. He kept the whole group interested in his subject by inserting some of his humorous experiences. Truly a program worth hearing.

Massada B'nai Brith
Fredric Arnold is an extraordinary speaker! He is bright, articulate, and interesting. His lecture was met with a standing ovation!

Vernon Rotary
Our organization is comprised of an era of gentleman from World War II and also a broad range of younger businessmen and women. Fredric Arnold captured the attention of both generations. He is an articulate and vivacious speaker. His well-rounded and balanced mannerism brought a clearer vision of what war was like in North Africa.

Morningside Park Lions
Over 450 men and women, including 50 past presidents of Inglewood's service clubs gave Fredric Arnold a standing ovation!

ORT Womens Organization
Outstanding! Absolutely one of the finest and most interesting speakers we have ever had. An excellent and totally informative presentation.

Valley Chai B'nai Brith
We enjoyed Fredric Arnold's talk on his experiences during World War II. He captivated his audience with his magnetic delivery and created much participation. A fantastic program!

Pacoima Elks
Fredric Arnold spoke with poise and eloquence. His slides are fantastic! He was responsible for an evening that will live in memory at our lodge.

Woodland Hills Optimist
Best speaker we've ever had! Fredric Arnold received a standing ovation!

Whittier Elks
A former P-38 fighter pilot's slide-presentation covering his WW II combat experiences of 50 missions over North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. A highly decorated hero, polished speaker, author of Doorknob Five Two (his radio call sign). One of the best programs we've ever had. Perhaps the best!

Monterey Park Kiwanis
Mr. Arnold held the attention of an audience of men and women alike! They were spellbound! Forty-five minutes is too short. A day wouldn't be long enough to hear this man!

Glendale Optimists
Fred was outstanding! Best program of the year!

Retired Officers Association
Mr. Arnold's presentation was informative and so realistic we felt we were in the cockpit of the fighter plane with him.

West Los Angeles Optimists
Excellent program! Kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Costa Mesa Lions
One of the finest programs we've had in years! Outstanding speaker with great stories and message.

Agoura Optimists
The most humanistic look at America's involvement in WW II. Arnold removed the phony glamour to expose the vulnerable heart of the true American at war.

Experimental Aircraft Association
Informed and animated! It was late when Arnold said, "I'm afraid I've gone beyond that allotted time." Someone in the audience replied, "Have you seen anyone leave yet?"

Hacienda Heights Kiwanis
A must for every age group. Young and old alike clung to every word Fred spoke. Many stayed late to converse and hear his thoughts. Don't miss a chance to hear him!

Sherman Oaks Rotary
Mr. Arnold captured everyone's attention during his entire presentation. His articulate manner of speaking kept our members' attention throughout. Unfortunately, we ran short of time for questions and answers.

Van Nuys Rotary
This firsthand account of wartime experience told with the clear eye of an artist was one of the most interesting programs presented in the past few years.

Burbank Realtors Association
Excellent presentation of a war hero. The best program we've had in years.

Los Angeles Host Lions
Excellent presentation of nostalgic and exciting subject matter. Outstanding! A must for all ages!

Monte Vista Grove Kiwanis
An excellent talk reliving the days of P-38 fighter squadron combat in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy during WW II. Well illustrated by slides taken at the time.

Experimental Aircraft Association Riverside
Fredric Arnold kept the audiences attention completely for a period longer than the allotted time had passed and the program was over. He left us with the feeling he barely scratched the surface of the material he could talk about.

Burbank Noon Lions
Wonderful speaker! Intriguing subject! Would like very much to hear him speak again.

History Department, Palos Verdes High School
Fredric Arnold is without a doubt the most gifted speaker who has appeared in my classes. He made our study of World War II come alive, but most importantly, his honesty and sincerity literally thrilled the students! I'm on my way to check out Doorknob Five Two at the library before my students beat me to it. When the book is in paperback it will be an assignment for my students.

Arcadia Rotary Club
Mr. Arnold was certainly one of our finest speakers. Interesting, informative, lively, and well prepared. I wish we could bottle him for future talks. He is truly a hero! And our thanks go out to me like him who fought so valiantly for our country.

Saddleback Hi-12 Club
Mr. Arnold held our audience spellbound. They would have listened to him for hours if time permitted. I personally received a flood of phone calls thanking me for obtaining such a wonderful speaker.

Rotary International Airport
Top notch! Relating to non-aviation people as well. Held the attention of everyone in our often cynical audience. Extremely interesting subject matter and related matters plus Arnold adds the human touch. Entertaining as well. Recommended for any kind of audience.

Giant Scale Squadron
Mr. Arnold was a wonderful entertaining speaker and gave us such a good time. It was the best meeting our club ever had. He was a daring young man and such an interesting and dynamic speaker.

Adventurers Club
Mr. Arnold met the stiff requirements of the Adventurers Club. Many in our audience were flyers, some of them P-38s. The information was factual as well as interesting. Mr. Arnold is an excellent speaker, held the interest of the entire group, and told the story of World War II like the way it was.

Valencia Valley Headwinds
Humorous to serious, but always fascinating! Have heard him twice and would go to hear him again.

Zenith Lodge Freemasons
Great program! Heard it twice before and it's better each time. Heartwarming and sincere - everyone talked about how interesting it was and would like to meet the speaker again.

Exchange Club Westside
This speaker made an excellent presentation. Facts were presented humanistically, with good humor, and examples. Our group thoroughly enjoyed the program and highly recommend this speaker.

Exchange Club Brea
Dynamic speaker! Kept everyone in stitches! Enthusiastic! Educational about the horrors of war and the heroes who fought. Would have this man back again and again!

Rotary South Pasadena
Mr. Arnold's talk was outstanding. In terms of living history he would be hard to beat. To those of us who lived through similar times, even in other places, he was REAL and brought truth and interest to a vital time in American history.

Kiwanis South Gate
Mr. Arnold's message was well-received by those who fought in World War II and particularly by the younger generation in the audience. He has taken the subject of war and brought realism to its impact were it ever to happen again.

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