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Fredric Arnold has lectured to Military and Aviation Organizations, Industrial Corporations, Air and War Museums, and Social Groups providing PowerPoint presentations about his experiences as a P-38 Fighter Pilot in World War II.

Comments and Reviews

Los Angeles Breakfast Club
Fredric Arnold is a multi-talented man whose ability to win and hold an audience is near the top of the list of his talents. It was men of such self-confidence as he has who won the war for the rest of us. We are forever indebted to him. We should grant him any forum anytime he wishes. May he live a long time so that thousands more can profit by listening to him.

Fredric Arnold is a most extraordinary human being. Truly a renaissance man: P-38 WW II Fighter Pilot, inventor, actor, sculptor, artist, author, businessman, and an interesting, engaging and fascinating guest speaker.

Retired Officers Association
Informed and animated! It was late when Arnold said, "I'm afraid I've gone beyond that allotted time." Someone in the audience replied, "Have you seen anyone leave yet?"

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