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United States Air Force Academy
Doorknob Five Two is recommended reading by the United States Air Force Academy. It has a veracity and intensity that convinces.

Col. Erich Hartmann, Luftwaffe, World’s Top Ace
Best book by a World War II fighter pilot. It has a place of honor in my bookshelf. I will read it again and again.

General James “Jimmy” Doolittle
Doorknob Five Two, better than anything ever written, it tells how, in those early day in Algeria, we were all learning the job on the job.

Thomas Lanphier, the Adm. Yamamato mission
Best book by a combat fighter pilot since Antone de Saint- Exupery.

Col. Robert Overmeyer, Fighter Pilot/Astronaut
Out of curiosity, I scanned the first page, and didn't put it down until the following morning. The flight scenes live, they are authentic, and they are the best I've read of World War II. Doorknob FiveTwo offers a remarkable insight into the P-38 and captures the essence of war and killing that books by other aces do not portray.

Col. Fred Gregory, Fighter Pilot/Astronaut
Arnold writes with extraordinary sensitivity. The entire book, particularly the chapter Unknown Heroes, will have an emotional impact on all minorities. Doorknob Five Two shows the human side of being a fighter pilot as well as the so called "glory" times.

Capt. R.T. Smith, Flying Tiger Ace
Great pilot, great author, great guy.

Capt. Jack Ilfrey, America's First Ace in North Africa
A book for posterity - a lesson in ethics.

Col. Gregory “Pappy” Boyington, Baa Baa Black Sheep
Arnold tells it the way it was.

Dr. Lawrence Kuznetz, NASA Scientist
I was spellbound by this magnificent telling of the time and experiences of this World War II fighter pilot. It is a flawlessly accurate and valuable contribution to our knowledge of that era in aerial combat.


Warren Rudman, U.S. Senator
It is not often that I read a book cover to cover in one day. However, that is exactly what I did with Doorknob Five Two. Adjectives such as thrilling, gripping, and fascinating seem so inadequate to describe this graphic depiction of life as a World War II fighter pilot. The story is courageous yet poignant; entertaining yet provocative - a must for anyone interested in the history of our twentieth century.

Barry Goldwater, U.S. Senator
Doorknob Five Two is one hell of a book! I never put it down. It's going to do a lot of good and we need a lot of good done these days.

President Ronald Reagan
Doorknob Five Two is an important contribution to our knowledge of World War II.


The New York Times
Doorknob Five Two describes the ironies of battling discrimination on the ground and Messerschmitts in the air.

The Los Angeles Times
Such forthright expression of fear, doubts and human feelings gives this autobiography
guts of its own. The action is gripping and well-written.

Ernest K. Gann, Author High and the Mighty
A different war book and a different flying book. I was unable to put it aside. An exciting revelation by a man who is not afraid to confess he's been afraid.

St. Louis Globe-Democrat
Arnold's style is prosaic, cut to the bone, quick and to the point, a fighter pilot's technique: get to the target, accomplish the mission and come home. No fooling around. His descriptions bring the reader into the cock-pit and offer an unusual slant on the Second World War.

Publishers Weekly
Well-written autobiography, gently poignant moments, aerial scenes and events on the ground are vividly depicted.

The Oakland Press
Gripping reading ... a World War II fighter pilot relives it all in harrowing detail!

Ib Melchior, Author Watchdogs of Abaddon
Doorknob Five Two is a compulsive page turner, that rare combination of interesting facts and exciting exploits. Fredric Arnold takes you to another time, to another place, and puts you right in the cockpit with him. You can hear the engines roar and feel the controls vibrant in your hands, but most important, you get to know and care about a remarkable man.

San Mateo Times
Doorknob Five Two! The book Catch 22 should have been! Catch 22 is a fantasy based on reality. Doorknob Five Two is reality all the way.

Desert Arts
A moving and sensitive book about brutalizing times.

Star News
A GRAND BOOK - fast paced, sincere and ringing with truth. A straightforwardness that is worthy of praise.

California Bulletin
A gripping dramatic account of a youth ripped from the devotion of his family by the horrors of war.

St. Louis Post Dispatch
POWERFUL! A P-38 fighter pilot recalls the agony of killing.

Curt Siodmak, Author Donovan's Brain
I read, or better, I devoured Doorknob Five Two, and its message on the wonder of flying machines, on air to be soared upon, on conflicts, on men and bodies and more and more. I am too shaken to say anything intelligent, but I feel that the author has given me more insight than I had into what is the beauty, horror, and the lunacy of war. It has enriched me for the time ahead..

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