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Between Two Worlds

A documentary film by Oscar Nominated filmmaker Aaron Weisblatt

Memorializing the lost men from the Class of 42J, Fredric Arnold was one of only two survivors from a group of fourteen WWII fighter pilots who flew in North Africa in 1943. Suffering for years from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he decides to search for the families of those men in order to properly memorialize thier heroic efforts during the war.

Between Two Worlds tells Arnold's personal story through interviews, archival footage and stylized readings from his best selling novel Doorknob Five Two. The film leads toward a final emotional tribute to those men, with whom he regards as being responsible for his successful life.



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You may purchase a copy of the DVD for $20.00 + $5.50 s/h
by contacting Fredric Arnold at the link below.


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