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Doorknob 52

Doorknob Five Two is an autobiographical novel by Fredric Arnold. With unusual emotional power and artistic sensibility, the author renders an extraordinary account of his experiences as a combat fighter pilot in World War II, recording events with the authenticity of an eye witness.

As the story unfolds, we accompany him in the cockpit of his fighter plane, sharing the beauty and wonder of flying as he engages the enemy, becomes an ace, and is himself shot down. We live as he lived - exposed to the primitive emotions of sex and war while bound to his ancient heritage and the ever-present influence of his father. A crash in the Sahara, rescue by nomadic tribesmen, capture by the Germans - we are firsthand observers to his remarkble escape and will to survive.

Although read as fiction, there is nothing more intensely memorable and persistently haunting than the truth. Doorknob Five Two is not simply a war memoir. Rather, it is a dramatic insight into the horror and lunacy of war and a testament to the power of family love.

Fredric Arnold completed fifty combat missions in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy; dive bombing, bomber escort, strafing, and the destruction of enemy shipping and aircraft. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with nine Oak Leaf clusters. On his return from combat, he test flew America's first jet, designed and developed power steering for aircraft, and was promoted to the rank of Major at the age of twenty-three.


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Signed tradeback copies of Doorknob Five Two are available for US $18.50 each plus $7.50 for shipping and handling. Included with each copy of the book is a signed 8 X 10 photograph of Arnold in the cockpit of his P-38.

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United States Air Force Academy
Doorknob Five Two is recommended reading by the United States Air Force Academy. It has a veracity and intensity that convinces.

Col. Erich Hartmann, Luftwaffe, World's Top Ace
Best book by a World War II fighter pilot. It has a place of honor in my bookshelf. I will read it again and again.

The New York Times
Doorknob Five Two describes the ironies of battling discrimination on the ground and Messerschmitts in the air.

The Los Angeles Times
Such forthright expression of fear, doubts and human feelings gives this autobiography guts of its own. The action is gripping and well-written.

President Ronald Reagan
Doorknob Five Two is an important contribution to our knowledge of World War II.

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